T R A N S L U C E N T _P O R C E L A I N ♚


T R A N S L U C E N T _P O R C E L A I N ♚
S H A D O W ★
Full Name Julie N. D. :] sorry not revealing all of it xD
[ Nickname ] Tarei, Ta-chan, whatever floats your boat.
[ Age ] 20 XD
[ Likes ] drawing, reading, writing, dancing, singing, being a dork, chatting, hanging out with friends, going places, sweets, chocolate, colours.
[ Dislikes ] running, fighting, arguing, idiocy, stupidity, whiners, immature people, wok, school (but I have to go regardless.)

P O R C E L A I N ★
I'm a Roleplayer for the most part, a full time student, and a still need a job slacker. Anything else you need to know? Well ask or add guys, I'll be glad to chat!
S T R I N G S ★
I am a very sweet and kind person if you get to know me well. I might be a bit quiet or shy at times when we first meet, because that's just me. I don't talk to people I don't know. So it takes time for me to open up. Don't take it personally, though, because it's not suppose to be personal at all. I am a writer and I am an artist. I don't pursue those careers right now, because they are for hobbies and fun times, stress relievers. It would suck to do them as a job right now. I am also sewing slowly...getting better.

S E R I E S ★
Basically the Fandoms that I often roleplay and are the mains I pick characters from.
❖ Kyuuketsu Yuugi
❖ Yu Yu Hakuso
❖ Tales of the Abyss
❖ Final Fantasy VII

m i n o u r s

❖ Inuyasha
❖ Persona 3
❖ DN Angel
❖ Fruits Basket
❖ Harukanaru Toki wo Naka De
❖ Rekka no Hono
❖ Demon Diary
❖ Fatal Frame/Project Zero
❖ .hack

This is xxtareixx with her new journal dreams_ofregret I am still Tarei~ ♥


『LEGRETTA THE QUICK』 tales of the abyss